* Estimated time till availability: 11/30/2023

?? 3 Light Sources & SOS Mode: Flood + spotlight, floodlight, spotlight, red light and even SOS; providing you with 10 different useful settings and mode memory for convenient outdoor use.

?? Non-touch Hand Wave Control: Left/right wave to switch mode and up/down wave to change brightness. Quickly switch modes and brightness to help you deal with emergencies promptly.

?? Super Bright & Powerful Headlamp: Illuminating up to 140 meters with a 1000-lumen beam of LED light and its weightless, elastic, and sweat-proof headband that is adjustable by 60??; it will conquer most outdoor tasks.

?? Ample Power to Go: Featuring a customized 2600mAh battery that ensures 25 hours of runtime and is conveniently charged via a popular Type-C port without disassembling.

?? Thoughtful Safety Taillight: The red indicator on the battery pack also serves as a safety taillight, alerting pedestrians, and drivers.




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Array 2S Headlamp
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