Baldr S & Baldr S BL

?? Small but Mighty: While ultra-compact, it delivers an incredible 800 lumens with a 130-meter beam distance, along with a highly visible green laser (Baldr S BL: Blue Laser) to boost accuracy.

?? Adjustable Rail: The sliding rail ensures the light can slide back and forth to lock down the best position for you. Quick installation and removal within one second.

?? Smooth Operation: Smooth momentary-on or constant-on activation through dual rear switches; easily switch modes with a quick flip in a concealed size.

Baton 4 Black: An incredible EDC flashlight featuring a max output of 1,300 lumens with a max 30-day runtime, as well as a micro-perforated indicator that intuitively shows brightness level and battery life.

i3T 2 EOS: Dual output tail switch EDC flashlight with a max output of 200 lumens, and the upgraded durable clip allows for a deeper pocket carry.


Baldr S Black + i3T 2 EOS Black, Baldr S Black + Baton 4 Black, Baldr S Desert Tan + i3T 2 EOS Black, Baldr S BL Black + i3T 2 EOS Black, Baldr S BL Desert Tan + i3T 2 EOS Dragon & Phoenix Golden Black


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Baldr S Rail Mounted Light 800 Lumens Bundle
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