Olantern Music

?? Your First Singing Light: No more need to take two devices to a party or campout if you have an Olantern Music, Olight's FIRST combination of illumination and music.

?? TWS: Two Olantern Musics used in tandem can produce True Wireless Stereo, the best experience for a family movie or Karaoke.

?? Motion Sensor: Shake the product or press the knob to activate the button on top, providing easy control in the dark. You can also see the battery info through the lighting circle surrounding the center knob when it is activated.

?? Emergency Power Bank: Built-in 11200mAh battery pack and support for 18W discharging allows you to use your Olantern Music as a power bank to charge your mobile devices on demand.

Diffuse Black: Max 700lm EDC light that contains 5 brightness levels and strobe mode, with a unique pentagonal prism-shaped design.


Olantern Music, Olantern Music + Diffuse Black, Olantern Music X 2


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Olantern Music LED Lantern Light with Stereo
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