* Estimated time till availability: 11/30/2023

?? Brighter & Longer Distance: Boasting a max 2500-lumen output and 560-meter-long distance throw with a cool white LED.

?? Glass-Breaking Strike Bezel: Instantly shatter glass in an emergency with the 3 zirconium beads embedded in the front bezel. Functional with essential safety features make the Warrior X 3 a must-have addition to your bugout bags!

?? Brand-new Steel Warrior Ring: Provides a comfortable and secure grip in any situation and condition, and doubles as a useful defense too with a striking tip!

?? No-hassle, One-button Operation: Access the high/low output quickly with your thumb or an optional dual-button magnetic remote switch while mounted on your long-distance setup!




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Warrior X 3 Tactical Flashlight
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