* The World's First LEP WML for Short Setups — FDA Registered with accession number??2220327-000

?? Much Brighter With Max Light Intensity 70,225cd At The Same Distance: With its narrow and almost no spill LEP beam, its light intensity is much higher while the light throws in the same distance, which makes it much brighter and suitable for defensive purpose of momentarily blinding.

?? LEP Tight Spotlight With 530 Meters Throw: The LEP is a design that results in an exceptionally tight spotlight with a very long throw, far more than you can get compared to a traditional LED light.

?? Defeat The Darkness: Taking advantage of LEP's tight spotlight, the Valkyrie Turbo will help you not only identify the object clearly but also lock the target without distraction in the dark.

?? Long Battery Life: Powered by two widely available CR123A batteries, it runs up to 184 minutes (Batteries included).

?? Valkyrie Turbo Buyers Exclusive: Olight provides FREE CR123A batteries whenever you need them until Dec. 31, 2023. No worries about running out of the batteries anymore! Click here to add to cart.




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Valkyrie Turbo LEP Lighting Tactical Light
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