O'Pen Glow

?? 4-in-1 Design & Separate Design: Featuring a pen, pen clip LED light, pen tip LED light, and green pointer beam at the tail, providing multiple functions in one device, like writing, reading, or in a presentation setting. The white light switch is moved to the rear, separated from the laser switch, making the operation more straightforward.

?? Convenient Charging: The O'Pen Glow has a newly designed charging base that is both fashionable and convenient, making it easy to keep the penlight charged and ready for use. 

?? Slim Body Proportion & Durable, and Lightweight & Safer: Comfortable and stylish grip, making it easier to use for extended periods. It also adds a lock function for worry-free carrying. Ideal for everyday carry and various activities. 

Baton 4 Candy Cane: An incredible EDC flashlight featuring a max output of 1,300 lumens with a max 30-day runtime, as well as a micro-perforated indicator that intuitively shows brightness level and battery life.

Obulb Plus White: App-controlled stepless dimming light with multiple colors, max output of 300 lumens.


O'Pen Glow Donut, O'Pen Glow Black, O'Pen Glow Blue, O'Pen Glow Donut + Baton 4 Candy Cane, O'Pen Glow Donut + Obulb Plus White


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O’Pen Glow Rechargeable Penlight
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