* Estimated time till availability: 11/30/2023

* Obounds is an accessory compatible with Obulb Plus and Obulb Pro S.

?? Automatic Pairing and Remote Control: When adding new devices via Bluetooth on your phone, they automatically pair and associate with the Obounds, enabling convenient remote control through a dedicated app.

?? Intelligent Voice Control: Support cross-platform Alexa voice control. Feel free to call your bulbs.

?? Seamless Multi-protocol Connectivity: The Obounds facilitate easy integration and control of up to 128 Bluetooth Sig Mesh, Bluetooth single-point, and Zigbee sub-devices.

* Please note that at this time, the Obounds gateway is only compatible with Olight products and no devices with a Zigbee connection have been released yet.


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Obounds Smart Wireless Multi-protocol Gateway

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