* Only Marauder Mini Golden Black includes the case.

Marauder Mini

?? Smaller in Size, Yet Incredibly Powerful: Marauder Mini, the miniature version of Olight's Marauder, has a 7,000-lumen max output and a 43.5-hour max runtime, thanks to its custom 24Wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery.

?? Dual-beam with Spot and Flood: An array of LEDs offers two powerful beam choices: a 600-meter max throw from the central LED??s spotlight beam or a 7,000-lumen max output floodlight beam from the 9 surrounding LEDs.

?? Uniformly Distributed RGB Color LEDs: Three RGB LEDs are uniformly distributed around the lens, greatly increasing its usefulness on any outdoor adventure.

Baton 4 Premium: A 1,300lm EDC flashlight with a customized charging case that push the light's runtime up to 190 days, and it can be controlled to turn on when inside the case.

i3T 2 EOS Dragon & Phoenix Golden Black: A special design for i3T 2 EOS, full of Chinese elements and aesthetic, max 200lm output with an upgraded durable clip allows for a deeper pocket carry.


Marauder Mini Golden Black + i3T 2 EOS Dragon & Phoenix Golden Black, Marauder Mini Golden Black + Baton 4 Black-Premium, Marauder Mini Black + Obulb Plus White, Marauder Mini Blue + Perun 2 Mini Blue CW, Marauder Mini Blue + Baton 4 Regal Blue-Premium, Marauder Mini Midnight Blue + i5R EOS Regal Blue, Marauder Mini OD Green + i1R 2 Pro Center


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Marauder Mini Powerful LED Flashlight Bundle
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