Baton 4 Premium Edition – One Case, One Universe

?? Mini Outside, Mighty Inside: Almost shorter than your index finger. The Baton 4 provides maximum 1,300lm output and 170m throw, and can back you up for up to 30 days. 

?? Multi-functional Companion: Powered by a 5000mAh battery, the case can fully charge the Baton 4 flashlight 5 times, giving the flashlight a max runtime of 190 days. It can also charge your mobile devices for emergencies with its Type-C port. 

?? All Things Done With A Press: The digital display button on the case shows the remaining power; just press the button to light up the flashlight directly, and long press to achieve stepless dimming, allowing simultaneous charging and lighting in your hand. 

Diffuse: Max 700lm EDC light that contains 5 brightness levels and strobe mode, with a unique pentagonal prism-shaped design. 

i3T 2 EOS: Dual output tail switch EDC flashlight with a max output of 200 lumens, and the upgraded durable clip allows for a deeper pocket carry. 


Baton 4 Black-Premium + i3T 2 EOS Dragon & Phoenix Golden Black, Baton 4 Black-Premium + Diffuse Black, Baton 4 OD Green-Premium + i3T 2 EOS Black, Baton 4 OD Green-Premium + O'Pen Mini OD Green, Baton 4 Regal Blue-Premium +Diffuse Red, Baton 4 Regal Blue-Premium + Perun 2 Mini Blue CW


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Baton 4 Premium Edition Powerful EDC Flashlight Bundle
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